Sustainability leadership

Sustainability is built into our operations, our policies and our products.

Our approach

Saying we are socially responsible is one thing, putting those words into practise is another. Our social responibilty approach outlines how we're taking action.

Saying we are sustainable is one thing, putting those words into practise is another. Our sustainability approach outlines how we're taking action.

Profit for purpose

Part of our income is returned to serve members and the community, create better products and services and invest in social, and environmental programmes.

Member owned bank

We are owned by, and run for the benefit of our members. As our members own the organisation, there is no trade-off between shareholders and members. Every member has one equal vote and one share in the business.

Member funding

The foundation of our banking model is to use deposits of members and customers to provide credit to members.

Values based banking

As a member of the Global Alliance on Banking on Values (GABV), we adhere to its Principles of Values-based banking, which establishes a triple bottom line approach at the heart of the business model.

Corporate social responsibility policy

Our CSR Policy 2220 ‘establishes our approach to business and social responsibility practices and how we deliver on our responsibilities and commitments across 200+ actions’.

Social responsibility exclusions

Our Lending Risk Policy states that; ‘ Such exclusions are where the primary purpose of the entity or business is alcohol, armaments, correctional facilities, cryptocurrency, deforestation or gross environmental degradation, gambling, military activities, political activities, pornography, slavery, tobacco or uranium’.

Fossil fuel exclusions

The Bank does not use members’ deposits to directly lend to, buy equity or debt in, any large-scale greenhouse polluting activities from fossil fuel exploration, extraction, production and use. This is written in our Treasury Credit Risk and Lending Risk Policy.


We undertake external, independent third party verification to provide evidence and results of our commitments and performance over time in a transparent manner.

Global benchmarks

We make sure we are accountable and benchmark ourselves against world leading standards. HPB is a division of the Bank (Teachers Mutual Bank Ltd) which has received a citation as one of the World’s Most’ Ethical Companies for six years from 2014-2019. This Ethisphere Institute benchmark measures transparency, integrity, ethics and compliance1.

Global community investment

We target global leadership in community investment and invest 6.7% of net profits before tax in the community, as measured by the LBG Benchmark2.

No political donations

We do not donate, give gifts or employee or management time, to support political candidates or political organisations.

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