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Feel good knowing your deposits and home loans are Certified Responsible investments.

Socially Responsible Products

All of our mortgage and deposit products are certified responsible investments by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).

Who you choose to bank with can make a world of difference. When you become a member of Health Professionals Bank you can feel good knowing your money won’t be used to damage the planet.

Certified Responsible Investment mortgages and deposits

Every home loan and deposit product we sell is Certified as Responsible Investments by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)1. So whenever you choose these products, you are doing good with your money.

The deposits you give us to build your savings are:

  • Never used to fund various damaging industries such as alcohol or tobacco.
  • Never loaned to the fossil fuel industry1.

And the money we lend you for your mortgage:

  • Never comes from damaging industries such as alcohol, armaments, gambling, tobacco and fossil fuels1.
  • Mostly comes from people like you.   

The Certification of retail mortgage and deposit products is by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). These are listed on RIAA’s Responsible Returns website.

Retail mortgages and deposits have been certified by RIAA according to the strict operational and disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. See www.responsibleinvestment.org for details.

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Pioneering ethical investment

We are the first financial institution to have its entire Wholesale debt issuance programme (DIP) ethically certified by RIAA  and the first bank to Certify its Wholesale sector funding. We are the only Bank offering RIAA Certified Ethical Wholesale investment products to the Australian market.

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Our approach to socially responsible banking