Feel-Good Wealth

Build your wealth with a bank that does good.


We are a values based bank where profit has a purpose. Doing business ethically and sustainably have driven our model of mutual banking.

As a member-owned bank, profit has a purpose. Doing business ethically and sustainably is at the heart of every decision we make, and action we take.

By operating responsibly, we’re able to channel part of our income into doing good while building a new type of wealth. One that gives back.

Feel-Good Wealth means that you can focus on your financial goals, without damaging the planet and the people on it. So, you’ll always feel good about opening a bank account with strict ethical rules, taking a home loan with money screened to exclude polluting industries, or knowing your money profits your community.

It’s all part of our commitment to being a world leading socially responsible bank.

Our socially responsible banking approach

Feel Good Wealth Your Be Ethical with a man and woman each riding a bicycle in front of a wooden fence.

Be Ethical

Feel good about banking with one of the 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies.

Feel Good Wealth Climate Action with wind turbines in a field.

Climate Action

Feel good that your bank is carbon neutral and never lends money to the fossil fuel industry.

Feel Good Wealth Responsible Products with a young woman holding a child, both looking at the camera.

Socially Responsible Products

Feel good knowing your deposits and home loans are Certified Responsible investments.

Feel Good Wealth Your Community with a younger woman and older woman similing at each other.

Your Community

Feel good as a member of the bank that puts profits back into the healthcare community.