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Feel good that your bank is carbon neutral and never lends money to the fossil fuels industry.

Climate Action

The most important environmental issue facing us is climate change. We use money for good and have offset our emissions to zero and don’t invest in the fossil fuels industry.

The health of the environment, in particular the climate, has never been more concerning to people all around the world.

And far too often, money used unethically has been a motive and cause of environmental damage.

But money also has the power to make a positive change in the world. And you also have the power to use your money to play a part in that change.

We don’t lend money to large-scale greenhouse polluting activity or companies. And we don’t take money from them either1.

Plus we care for the environment every day as a carbon neutral bank that has offset our emissions to zero2. So you can bank on us for a wealthy and healthy future - for yourself, the community and our planet.

What we do

  1. We’re a leader in fossil fuel-free banking.
  2. The Bank does not use members’ deposits to directly lend to, buy equity or debt in, any large-scale greenhouse polluting activities from fossil fuel exploration, extraction, production and use.
  3. The Bank does not use members’ funds to finance large-scale greenhouse-gas pollution.
  4. We have $1 billion of Certified Ethical Investment based on fossil fuel exclusion.
  5. We’ve achieved net zero emissions buildings via the mandatory installation of solar PV and LEDs and carbon offsets on five owned buildings.
  6. For six years we have been a carbon neutral bank, and so all members’ accounts are with a carbon neutral bank. Our emissions from electricity and fuel use are offset to zero.
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