How does PayID work

When it comes to remembering banking details, like BSB and account numbers, most people simply can’t. But a PayID makes payments super simple.

How does PayID work?


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Is PayID secure to use?

Because a PayID is created through our online banking channel it meets all applicable security requirements. As an additional security measure, the first time you pay someone new, you’ll be prompted to enter a One Time Password, which is sent to you by SMS—you simply follow the instructions from there.

We are committed to safeguarding your personal details. As always, you should remain alert to the possibility of cons and scams, particularly if you receive unexpected requests via social media, email, SMS or receive calls for urgent payments or account information.

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BSB & account numbers - will they still exist?

PayID is a simple, new payment method, but it doesn’t have to replace transfers using a BSB and account number. You can still provide your BSB and account number to get paid by someone if you prefer. A PayID is much simpler, quicker and is just as secure.

How can I use a PayID?

You simply create your PayID with us. This PayID links to your chosen bank account. Your PayID will need to be unique, as you can only link one PayID to one account at one financial institution.

What happens if I change my mobile number or email address after I have created a PayID?

Should you ever change your mobile phone number or email address you’ll need to close your PayID and then create a new PayID with your new details.

What about international payments?

A PayID cannot be used for international transfers. You’ll need to make these types of transactions in the usual way.