Earn up to 5.50%p.a. variable interest

Make the most out of every dollar saved with Target Saver.

Get the most from your money. Combine a Target Saver account with your Everyday Direct account and be rewarded with higher interest payments.

Savings, meet $0 Everyday transactions 

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Target Saver Account

  • 5.49%p.a variable bonus rate, 0.01%p.a variable base rate
  • No maximum deposit limits. (Deposits over $5,000,000 are subject to acceptance at the bank’s discretion)
  • $0 monthly account fees

To qualify for your bonus interest, all you have to do each month is:

  • Deposit a minimum of $1000
  • Make no withdrawals
  • Keep a positive balance in your account at all times
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    Everyday Direct Account

    • No monthly or electronic transfer fees
    • Track your payments with SMS and email alert options
    • Make and receive payments in near real time using Osko3
    • Compatible with both Google Pay and Apple Pay4
    • Access a global network of ATMs

    Get savings savvy with our podcast series

    Join host, Alan Waugh, Chief Sales Officer at Health Professionals Bank, and financial coach Betsy Westcott. In our Better Money Management podcast series, we'll cover essential topics including budgeting, saving, and being credit healthy. 

    In this Savings episode, we talk about why saving is a key part of financial wellness, where we talk about the importance of saving goals/saving strategies and getting set for success with a savings plan.

    Save on fees with an Everyday Direct and Target Saver account

    Everyday transactions

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    Pay anyone


    EFTPOS Transactions


    Monthly Account Keeping Fee


    Excess Usage Charge


    Overdrawn Account Fee


    Overlimit Fee Free


    Australia Post Transactions


    Direct Debit Dishonour


    Unsuccessful Payment Fee


    Online Banking


    Periodical Payments



    Health Professionals Bank Security Promise

    Our commitment to you

    Our Security Promise is your guarantee we are working around the clock to protect you, your identity and your money. This includes repaying money lost to fraud so long as you’ve complied with our terms and conditions and haven’t contributed to the loss.


    How do I get the bonus interest rate for Target Saver?

    To receive the bonus interest rate, Target Saver account holders need to deposit a minimum of $1000 into their account each month. If during that same month you make no withdrawals and keep a credit balance in your account at all times, you'll receive the bonus variable interest rate on top of the regular 0.01%p.a. variable base rate.

    How much can I deposit into Target Saver?

    There’s no maximum deposit limit on our Target Saver accounts – you can save as much as you want while still receiving bonus variable interest so long as you continue to meet the account’s bonus interest criteria. Please note that deposits over $5,000,000 are subject to acceptance at the bank's discretion.

    Are there any fees on Everyday Direct and Target Saver accounts?

    Our members pay no monthly, overdraw or electronic transfer fees on their Everyday Direct or Target Saver accounts. Avoid and minimise your fees without compromising on service.

    To find out more, please see our fees and charges

    How do I open a Target Saver account?

    Members can quickly and easily open a Target Saver account through Internet Banking. Simply log in and follow the prompts.

    If you’re not a Member already, you’ll need to join first. Find more information about becoming a member.

    Is my account protected by the Government Guarantee?

    Your deposits are protected under the Australian Government Financial Claims Scheme, up to a limit of $250,000 for each account holder at the Bank. For further information please refer to our Help Centre.

    Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Read all our FAQs in our Help Centre.


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