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Getting Started

How do I log in to the new app for the first time?

You may be required to re-register your account after you have updated to the latest version of the Mobile Banking App. It’s important to regularly update your Mobile Banking App when available to improve its security and the protection of your personal information.

How to re-register your account on an iPhone

1. Open the app and select ‘Log in’.
2. Select ‘Let’s get started.
3. Enter your Member Number and Internet Banking Access Code.
4. Select a security option (PIN or Pattern).
5. Enter PIN or Pattern you will use as your mobile app login.
6. Read and Accept ‘Terms Of Use’.
7. Accept or decline Biometrics.
8. Virtual App tour will appear on your first registration.
9. You are now ready to use the mobile app.

Our iOS app requires iOS 6.1.4 or above on your device to be installed.

How to re-register your account on an Android phone

1. Open the app and select ‘Log in’.
2. Select ‘Let’s get started’.
3. Enter your Member Number and Internet Banking Access Code.
4. Select a security option (PIN or Pattern).
5. Enter PIN or Pattern you will use as your mobile app login.
6. Read and Accept ‘Terms Of Use’.
7. Accept or decline Biometrics.
8. Virtual App tour will appear on your first registration.
9. You are now ready to use the mobile app.

Our Android app requires Android 7.0 or above on your device to be installed.

Why is there a new Health Professionals Bank Mobile Banking App?

We’re always working to make your everyday banking easier and a better Mobile Banking App1 is one way we do that. You’ll find the new Health Professionals Bank Mobile Banking App is easier to use, faster, with new features, enhanced security and fraud monitoring.

With the new Health Professionals Bank Mobile Banking App, you can continue to bank on to go and access  new features: 

  • View quick balances
  • Transfer money
  • Make and manage payments (including PayID2)
  • Set a savings goal 

What new features does the app have?

You can now track your spend, set a savings goal and search/filter transactions to help better manage your money.
You can also manage your PayID2 within the app, share payment receipts, search/filter transactions and download your transaction history.
Now you can contact us securely within the app whenever you need assistance or support and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  

How do I receive push notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent to your mobile device to inform you of any withdrawals or payments from your account. They can be turned on through your phone settings.

How many devices can I register the app on?

You can register the app on up to four mobile devices. If you have already registered the app on four devices and wish to register another one, you’ll have to deregister one of the other devices first. You can do this from any of the four currently registered devices.  

How do I register a device?

  1. To remove a device, 
  2. Go to Settings & security
  3. Choose My settings 
  4. Manage Registered Devices. This will list all enabled devices. Here you can remotely deactivate other devices currently logged into the app. Tap the trashcan next to the device you want to deregister and it will be removed. You will now be able to register another device. If you deregister the device you are currently logged into, you will be logged out of that device. 

What devices are compatible with the app?

The app is compatible with Android (Android 7.0 or later) and Apple (iOS 11 or later) mobile devices.

Are any features no longer available?

You can also no longer notify us of international travel plans through the app. You can do this using secure mail or visit the contact us page. And we will reply within 1 business day. 

Why does the app want me to log into Internet Banking?

While we are busy working on new features and functionality in the app, some features such as Alerts & Notifications, Payment limits, Overseas Travel, Statements and Transaction history reside in Internet Banking. We have linked them in the main navigation menu for you, you just have to log into Internet Banking with your Member Number and Internet Banking Access Code first to access the functionality.

How do I turn off biometrics (i.e. Touch ID and Face ID)?

  1. From the Health Professionals Bank App, follow these simple steps:
  2. Open the menu and press ‘Settings and Security
  3. Then tap on ‘My Settings
  4. Under 'Security options' you can turn ‘Biometrics’ (on Android) or 'Touch ID' and/or ‘Face ID’ (on iOS) on or off.

How can I tell if I have the latest app? 

You can see if you have the latest app by going to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Search for the Health Professionals Bank App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Tap on the Health Professionals Bank App icon to go to the app page.
  3. You’ll be given the option to “Update” if a new version is available.
  4. Tap on Update if available.
  5. Turning on “Auto update apps” for Android phones or “App updates” for iPhone will ensure you always have the latest app.

Account Management

How do I update my contact details?

Open the Navigation menu and tap ‘My details’. You can view, edit or add contact details including your address, phone number, email, and PayID.

I want to find a specific transaction. How do I find it?

You can search for a transaction by tapping on the 'Search' button on the Accounts Screen.

You can do a simple search with keywords, debit or credit, and the amount. Or you can do an advanced search if you have more details such as the receipt number and date.

How do I manage or share one of my accounts?

Tap on the account you want to manage or share and tap the cog icon at the top of the page. Select what you want to do from the menu. You can quickly share account details and manage daily limits, alerts and future payments.

If you don’t see the option you want, try opening the Navigation menu, tap ‘Settings and security’ then ‘My settings’ and then ‘Accounts’.

How do I give an account a nickname?

Open the Navigation menu and tap Settings and security’. Tap ‘My settings’. Select ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Change account nickname’.

You can change the order that accounts appear in and set default payments here, too.

How do I set an account as my default payment account?

Open the Navigation menu and tap 'Settings and security'. Tap 'My settings'. Select 'Accounts' and then 'Set default payment account'. You can also change the order accounts appear in and give your accounts nicknames here, too.

How does the ‘How I Spend’ feature work?

Having the ability to track what you’re actually spending your money on is important to being able to better manage your money and stay on top of your budget. The How I Spend feature helps you do just that.

If 'How I Spend' isn't displaying in your accounts section, you can access it by following the below steps:

  1. Open the hamburger menu on the top left
  2. Navigate to Settings & security, followed by My settings
  3. Tap on Financial management tools. Here you can enable or disable the 'How I Spend' feature

Card Management

My card has been lost, stolen or damaged. Can I order a replacement card through the app?

You can easily order a new card using the app.

1. You should first make sure that your postal address is correct in the My Details section of the app.
2. Access the Manage cards section either through the menu at the top left of the screen or tap the Cards button on the bottom right.
3. Tap Need help with your card?
4. Tap one of the three options (damaged, stolen, lost)
5. Confirm by tapping Yes, and your replacement card will be on its way. 
6. You may be charged a small card replacement fee.

How do I put a temporary lock on my card?

You can put a temporary lock on your card from the Health Professionals Bank App. 

  1. Tap on the card¬¬ icon at the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘Lock card' in the middle of the screen. 
  2. Swipe right to lock it and swipe left to unlock it. It's really that easy!

How do I add my card to Apple Pay?

1. Tap into your Apple Wallet
2. Tap the + sign to add your card
3. Take a photo of your Physical Card or manually add your Virtual Card
4. Read through Mobile Wallet ‘Terms & Conditions’, select ‘Agree
5. Choose text message or email to verify your card. A verification code will be sent. (link is valid for 15 minutes)
6. Enter Verification code.
7. You'll receive a notification once your card has been successfully added to Apple Pay
8. You'll be all set to make purchases wherever Apple Pay is accepted!

How do I add my card to Google Pay?

1. How to Set Up Google Pay
2. Open the Google Pay App
3. At the bottom, tap Payment
4. At the bottom, tap Add a card
5. Enter your Virtual Card or Physical Card info
6. Read through Mobile Wallet Terms & Conditions, select ‘Agree
7. If you're asked to verify your payment method, choose an option from the list
8. Find and enter the verification code
9. After setup, you'll be all set to make purchases wherever Google Pay is accepted!


What happens if I lose my device?

Please let us know immediately on 1800 800 225 if your device is lost or stolen. Otherwise you may be liable for unauthorised transactions. 

I've forgotten my log in pattern/PIN. How do I reset?

  1. If you forget your pattern/PIN, you can reset it from the log in screen. 
  2. To reset your pattern/PIN from the app: 
  3. Tap on Forgot your Pattern or Forgot your PIN, which is below the field where you normally enter your details.
  4. You will need your Member Number and Access Code.

If you need further assistance, please call 1800 800 225.

I've forgotten my Access Code?

    1. You will have the option to select 'Forgot Access Code?' on the log in page of the app or the log in page of Internet Banking.
    2. You will need your mobile phone and an active bank card.
    3. Enter your Member Number, date of birth and Visa card number in the respective fields and select ‘Next’.
    4. Enter your One Time Password received either via Token or via SMS sent to your mobile phone. Select ‘Next’.
    5. Enter your new Access Code and confirm your Access Code in the respective fields. Note: you must meet all Access Code conditions mentioned.
    6. Select ‘Save’.

I haven’t forgotten my pattern/PIN but I want to change it. Can I do this in the app?

1. If you simply want to change your PIN or pattern but you haven’t forgotten it – perhaps you think it’s been compromised – you can do this within the app.
2. From the menu, go to Settings and security
3. Tap My settings
4. Tap app log inPIN, Pattern or Member Number.

Do I use the same pattern/PIN on every device?

For every device you set up the app on you will be prompted to select a pattern/PIN. You can therefore choose whether you use the same pattern/PIN across multiple devices or have a different one for each device.

How secure is the new Health Professionals Bank App?

At Health Professionals Bank we’re committed to protecting your personal details and providing you with state-of-the-art secure banking. 

All information and communications from the app are secured by 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encryption.

What steps can I take to ensure I use the app securely?

You can take steps to ensure your banking on the Health Professionals Bank App remains secure by never sharing your PIN or pattern, and not setting up biometric log in when there is more than one user of the device. 

Beware also of phishing emails and SMS messages – never click on links from unknown senders as you may be directed to a site that contains malware that could infect your phone and steal your personal information.

Always try to keep the app and your device’s operating system up to date.

Learn more about how to Stay Safe Online.

What should I do if I see an unauthorised transaction?

To report suspected fraud, contact our fraud team on 02 9735 9544.

You can also contact the Fraud Bureau Services:

Within Australia
Call 1300 705 750.

Outside Australia
Call +61 2 8299 9534. Be sure to dial the international prefix (exit code) for the country you are in.

What is a session time out?

A session timeout is a security measure that prompts you to either extend your mobile banking session in the app or log out after a period of inactivity.

Why did I get automatically logged out of the mobile app?

The automatic logout from the Mobile Banking App is a security measure to protect your account and sensitive information. For your safety, the app is designed to log you out after a certain period of inactivity, known as a session timeout. This helps prevent unauthorised access to your account, especially if you leave your device unattended.

Making Payments

Can I set recurring payments?

Absolutely! In the Health Professionals Bank App simply tap '$ Pay' at the bottom of the screen, choose your payment option, then select the 'Recurring' option instead of 'Pay now' and follow the prompts. 

Can I pay my bills through BPAY in the app? 

You sure can! To pay your bills using BPAY, simply tap on the '$ Pay' icon at the bottom of the screen, select 'BPAY' and then add the payee details.

Can I transfer my PayID?

1. Yes, you can transfer your PayID4 associated with Health Professionals Bank to another institution.
2. Tap on the Pay button in the centre of the bottom of the screen.
3. Select Manage PayIDs on the bottom-right of the next screen.
4. Select the PayID you wish to transfer.
5. Tap Transfer

Can I change my daily transfer limit using the app?

1. Navigate to 'Settings & security' and tap 'Payment limits'
2. Log in to Internet Banking.
3. Select ‘Change Daily Transfer Limit’ in the Self Service menu.
4. Select the account and choose your preferred limit up to $50,000.
5. Limits are increased temporarily for three days. If you wish to increase your limit permanently select the box ‘Retain the proposed daily transfer limit for an extended period’.
6. Select ‘Submit’.

If you need to transfer over $50,000, send us a message in the Health Professionals Bank App and we'll be happy to help.

Can I transfer money between my accounts using the app?

1. Yes, you can easily transfer money between accounts using the Health Professionals Bank App.
2. Tap the Pay button and select Transfer.
3. Select the account you wish to transfer money from. Then select the account to transfer money to.
4. Enter the amount to transfer and an optional description.
5. You can choose to make the transfer now, later or recurring.
6. Tap the Pay button, check what you see, and tap Pay again.

Can I transfer money to friends and family using the app?

Yes, you can easily make transfers using the app.

1. From the home screen, select the Pay button. The app will ask “What do you want to do?” Select Pay someone.
2. Choose an existing or new payee. For new payees you can pay to a BSB/account number; or to an email address, mobile number, ABN using PayID.
3. Enter a nickname (optional) and a description for the payment. You can choose to save the payee to make future payments faster.
4. Choose pay type: Standard Payment (within 3 business days) or Osko (typically in minutes) if your payee is part of an Osko participating bank/institution.
5. Select the account you want to transfer money out of and enter the amount.
6. Choose when you’d like us to process the payment – now, later or recurring.
7. Tap the Pay button and confirm that what you see is correct. Tap Pay again.

Tip: If you need to pay bills, you can pay with the app using the BPAY biller code and Customer Reference Number (CRN).

How do I transfer money quickly?

Osko sends bank transfers between participating banks and financial institutions fast. You can do this by following the steps provided under ‘Can I transfer money to friends and family using the app?'

Questions and Feedback

I want to give feedback about the app. What’s the best way to get in touch?

We’re always looking to improve and consider all feedback from our members. Please rate us and leave feedback on the Health Professionals Bank App on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

I’ve run into an issue with the app. How do I report it?

First please check you are using the latest version of the app. You may also find the solution to your problem in the Help Centre. If you still require assistance, please contact us through the secure messaging feature in the Health Professionals Bank App or visit the contact us page.