We thank you for helping Australia

Here's a heartfelt message from us to you.

Your passion inspires us more than ever

We are so very proud to be able to serve the hard-working men and women in the health sector.

It takes passion and dedication to be a health professional. And now, more than ever, we’re inspired by how you are going above and beyond to treat, care for and help ordinary Australians. We’d like to say thank you to our health professionals, and let you know how grateful we are for the essential services you provide.

A letter of thank you from us to you


Hello to our courageous healthcare professionals,

We know you’re probably reading this at a crazy hour, either just coming off a shift, or preparing for another.

We just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the invaluable job you’re doing. We have never been more grateful for the service you provide to our communities, every single day. Now more than ever, your dedication to your job is saving the lives of our fellow Australians.

We promise to keep staying at home for you.

Thank you. Australia couldn’t do this without you.