Give a workmate a break with Take Five

Take Five recognises the amazing work nurses and midwives do every day

Take Five Initiative

Take Five Initiative is your chance to put a spotlight on a nurse or midwife who makes your workplace great.

Recognising all nurses and midwives

Take Five is the Health Professionals Bank’s recognition initiative that’s just a teensy bit different from the rest. It’s about recognising the everyday efforts of nurses and midwives; you know, those small yet impactful actions that make a real difference.

Moments like when Hamish made you laugh so hard you forgot about how long your shift had been. That time Sally swapped shifts so you could be there to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. Or how Jen, even with her hands full, somehow manages to bring you a cuppa, right when you need it.

These tiny, but mighty moments aren’t the big milestones or the heroic efforts but small impactful moments that make us truly appreciate our colleagues. Take Five is a way to turn this appreciation into something a little more…real, by simply telling us about them.

How Take Five works


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Highlight someone that generously gives to others

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Show your appreciation by nominating a workmate


Your workmate could receive some amazing gifts


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Be part of it

As we mentioned, Take Five is a teensy bit different.

Imagine your colleague’s joy when they realise they don’t have to cook dinner after 16 hours on their feet. If selected, they could receive up to three months of family dinners delivered to them and $2,000 cash to spend on themselves or their bills1. Show them they’re truly appreciated!

Oh, and we didn’t forget you, the nominator with the best nomination will be selected to receive $1,000 cash deposited into a TMBL bank account 2

The gifts for the Top 10

Take Five will provide the Top 10 nominees with the following gifts to help them focus on themselves and giving them some precious time back.

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Ultimate Gift

Three months of family dinners delivered to their place of residence1.

Cash of $2,000 deposited into a Health Professionals Bank account1 towards their everyday bills or simply treat themselves.

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Top Nine Gifts

One month of family dinners delivered to their place of residence1.

Cash of $500 deposited into a Health Professionals Bank account towards their everyday bills or simply treat themselves1.


Who is eligible to be nominated for Take Five?

A nurse or midwife currently working as a nurse or midwife in Australia is eligible for this initiative.

Can I nominate more than one person?

Yes, nominate as many colleagues that you feel should be recognised for their everyday contribution.

How will the Top 10 nominations be selected?

We have designed the process for selecting the top nominations to be impartial and fair, with selection from leaders in the industry. 50 nominations will be selected by the panel. From here the Top 10 will be selected with one individual selected to receive the ultimate gift.

Can I nominate myself for this initiative?

No, sorry, nominations must be made by someone else on your behalf.

What if I have any additional questions?

Send your questions to [email protected] during the promotion period and we’ll aim to respond to you within 3 business days.


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