How do I check my balance?

How do I check my balance?

There are a number of ways to check your account balance.

Phone banking

Call us via phone banking on 1800 472 265 - available 24/7. Then key in your member number followed by a hash (#). Then key in your telephone access code followed by a hash (#). Your account balances will be automatically advised.

Log into online banking.

At an ATM


You can also receive balances by SMS

To get started, you need to register – you can do this within internet banking or by completing an Phone banking services request. Once registered you simply text the word ‘BAL’ to 0417 13 12 21 and a free text message will be sent to your mobile.

To request balances for any of your other accounts simply add the account type as outlined below:

‘BAL (space) S2’ ‘BAL (space) I10’ ‘BAL (space) L22’