Discover Your Money Persona!

Knowing your money persona could help you to minimise your cost of living stress.

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Betsy Westcott

Help combat rising costs of living by discovering your money persona

Betsy Westcott, Financial Wellness Coach, shares insights you can use to build your financial resilience to combat the rising cost of living.

Understanding your money persona means you can be conscious about how it impacts your choices and practice healthy money habits to support your long term financial wellbeing.

Equip yourself with the right knowledge to minimise stress and strengthen your financial health and wellbeing. Register for Essentially You to access tutorial videos, actionable tips and insights to help you get on top of your finances.

What is Essentially You?

We’ve created an online hub called Essentially You with our partner, exclusively for our Members, to help you build your everyday resilience. By registering for Essentially You, you can access conversations with trusted experts speaking on topics such as resilience, mindfulness, burnout and much more.  You can spend a few minutes for a quick top up or grab a cuppa for a longer session.

Our commitment to you

Watch David Koch interview our Chief Marketing Officer, Nichole Banks and Founder, Luke Cook.

A greyscale portrait of Gill Hicks standing against a blank wall and looking at the camera with a closed-mouth smile. She is holding a walking stick to her torso.

Have a cuppa with Gill Hicks

London bombing survivor Gill Hicks recently visited us in the studios to share her incredible journey of everyday resilience.

If you missed her inspiring session we recommend grabbing a cuppa and learning how you can ‘Be your own Mentor’*

*Gill Hicks video is an hour long session, so bring a big cuppa!

Our Partner

Health Professionals Bank partnered with to produce Essentially You, a platform to deliver relevant and engaging content. Health Professionals Bank and have aligned values and we work together to provide an informed and practical experience for Members on Essentially You. provides rich, relevant and impactful conversations that may help you with your everyday resilience. was born from the need for us all to connect in a time of uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID. focuses on conversations that fundamentally make a difference to a person’s life and career. Their three pillars of wellbeing, performance and belonging come to life as live and on-demand masterclasses, expert discussions and unique experiences for their communities.

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