Deceased Estate - Losing a loved one

What to do when you lose a loved one

If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one please follow the steps below so we can support you during this difficult time.

Step 1: Let us know as soon as you can

Email us [email protected] or call 1800 472 265 and request to speak to the Estates Section

We will need:

  • Date of death
  • Name of person informing us
  • Legal representative or Executor
  • Will/probate details

Step 2: Gather the relevant documentation

  • Death certificate, if available
  • Current Will; or Letters of Administration if there is no Will
  • Grant of Probate; if there is a Will and the estate is valued over $15,000
  • Proof of Identity for each executor/administrator/legal representative, if not already a member of the bank
  • If there is no Will, Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration; a Statutory Declaration will be required

Step 3: Send us the documentation

Post certified copies of documents to (please do not send originals):

PO Box 7501
Silverwater NSW 2128

Email certified copies to: [email protected]

In Person; bring documents into any branch

Step 4: Settle and close accounts

You’ll receive a letter from us detailing all accounts and balances, and we’ll advise if any other documentation is required.

Once we have all relevant documents we can settle the estate, which means releasing money and assets in accordance with the Will.

Home Loans 


The title of the security property will need to be transferred into the Executors name, and can then be settled in accordance with the Will. Documentation will be required. Please Contact Us at [email protected]

If the property is to be sold please complete the Request to release security form.


Your legal representative will arrange for the title of the property to be transferred into the joint members name solely.  Your legal representative may contact us at – [email protected]

The loan and mortgage remain in both names. To transfer the mortgage into the joint members name solely, a new loan application is required to be submitted and a full affordability assessment is undertaken. 

Please Contact Us if you require any assistance.