Lump sum repayment calculator

Learn how lump sum repayments made on your home loan can help you save on interest and reduce the life of your loan.

Can I save on my home loan with lump sum repayments?

A little bit can do a lot in the long run. Lump sum repayments save you interest and help you repay your home loan faster. If you find yourself with a windfall– whether it’s reaping the rewards of your saving efforts, a generous gift, or a healthy tax return – think about putting it towards your home loan.

You might be thinking longingly about that splurge you’ve been wanting to make. But a lump sum contribution can make a huge difference in what you pay in interest and how long it takes to pay off your home loan – we’re talking potentially thousands of dollars and years off the life of your loan. Isn’t that the best splurge of all?

Use our lump sum repayment calculator to see how much time and money you can save by making one-off contributions to your home loan.